My name is Dr. Patrick M. Sartz, DC and my mother suffered with neuropathy for over 32 years, spending the last 16 years in a wheelchair with no normal feeling from her waist down. She had a great deal of pain, burning and numbness but no awareness of where her legs were in relation to her body.  I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and I will be the first to tell you nothing I learned in the 4 years of chiropractic college helped my mom, in fact I never found anything that helped her when she was alive.

My mother passed 21 years ago, yet most of the patients that come into my office today are on similar treatments to what my mother was, still suffering with a great deal of pain, numbness, burning, cold sensations, etc.  I looked at all types of treatments to try to help my mother when she was a live, but never found anything to give her more than a few hours of mild relief.  But now things have changed, lifetime relief is now possible without medications or surgery.

In 2006 I came upon a treatment that showed some promise.  I started treating patients in my office in the spring of 2008 and had some great success, patients responded, I was thrilled.  But the neuropathy returned over 92% of time within a few months leaving me frustrated and patients upset.  They had come into my office 3 times a week for 8 to 12 weeks only to have the neuropathy return a few months later.

What I have learned over the years is neuropathy can not be cured, no matter what the original cause of the neuropathy was and no matter what type of treatment was used.  I have tried numerous different treatments, spent a lot of money on different types of equipment and spoken to various doctors doing things like Stem Cell, Combined Electrochemical Treatment (CET),  Sanexas Electric Cell Signaling (ECS)  and found that no treatment could provide any long term relief more than a few months on average.   Stem cell therapy could provide longest relief (1 to 3 years), but only worked at all for about 48% of the patients it was used on. 

The truly sad part was dealing with someone that had gotten great relief only to have it return and to see how discouraged they were.  They had a few months where everything was pretty much normal again only to end up not being able to play with their grandkids again, hike, golf, or just get up from bed in the morning without grabbing on to something to steady themselves.

The old adage "time heals all wounds" has come into play.  I realized early on that if I could continue the treatments it would keep the neuropathy controlled.  Some patients did come in for additional treatments and it worked.  The best way would be if they could just do it at  home, but the equipment was just to expensive to make that practical back then.  Fortunately, that is not the case today, prices have dropped, equipment has improved, and I learned things to make it work even better than it did 6-10 years ago. 


Our program today is totally home based and has worked extremely well if I can get a key element, nitric oxide, increased to an optimum level in a patient.  Nitric oxide is important to get oxygen and nutrients into a cell.  There is a video of Dr. Thomas Burke, PHD, a retired professor of physiology from the University of Colorado School of Medicine below.  Please listen, it's only about 10 minutes long, it is very important  in healing tissues.  Our levels drop as we get older, if we can get the nitric oxide up and we can in most cases, the treatment we provide for neuropathy will work and the neuropathy can be controlled for years to come. 


I ask you to schedule your free neuropathy consultation and evaluation, we will determine your nitric oxide levels and explain what we do.  I may not have been able to help my mother, but I can help you.

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