Our Treatment

First thing though disappointing, is no cure for neuropathy has been  discovered yet.  There have a number of FDA cleared treatments developed over the past 20+ years that can and do reverse the nerve damage caused by neuropathy without medications or surgery, just like ours.  What makes us different is the the ability to keep the neuropathy from coming back, without medications, surgery or continuous office visits.  Neuropathy is a secondary disease, that is something else caused it and even though neuropathy can be reversed if something is not done to maintain those results the neuropathy will return in over 91% of the cases.


Treating neuropathy is like so many other diseases, it requires some on going regimen to maintain the improvement.  High blood pressure for example, it can be lowered, but once it is, the treatment needs to be maintained to keep it low or it will rise again.  Most of the treatments available today (Sanexas, CET, Cold Laser, etc., even Stem Cell Therapy) can reverse the neuropathy or at least reduce the symptoms to various degrees, they cannot keep it from coming back unless you continue numerous office visits in the years to come.  This is why they don't mention long term results, that is not what they do.  This is also one of the reasons you are told nothing can be done, the neuropathy returns.  We have developed a treatment protocol that can not only reverses the neuropathy but can maintain it.  No medication used for neuropathy today will  stop neuropathy from getting worse, at best they cover up the pain and discomfort to some degree while the neuropathy continues to get worse causing a need to increase the dosage or go on to a new medication.  Our treatment protocols were developed not only to reverse the neuropathy but allow the result to be maintained.

My name is Dr. Patrick M. Sartz, DC, my mother suffered with neuropathy for over 32 years, spending her last 16 years in a wheelchair with no normal feeling from her waist down.   She had a great deal of pain, burning and numbness but no awareness of where her legs were in relation to her body.  I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and I will be the first to tell you nothing I learned in the 4 years of chiropractic college helped my mom, in fact I never found anything that helped her when she was alive.

My mother passed 20 years ago and most of the patients that come into my office today are on similar treatments to what my mother was, yet still suffering with a great deal of pain, numbness, burning, cold sensations, etc.  I looked at all types of treatments to try to help my mother when she was a live, but never found anything to give her more than a few hours of mild relief. 


In 2006 I came upon a treatment that showed some promise.  I started treating patients in my office in the spring of 2008 and had some great success, but neuropathy is like a wilting plant, you can give it some water, sunlight, maybe some fertilizer and it will come back to life.  But what happens if you stop those things, it wilts again.  This is true of neuropathy also, there are numerous ways to reverse it, but once reversed it must be maintained or it will return.  The majority of treatments you hear about today can reverse neuropathy but cannot maintain it.  This is one of the reasons that you have been told nothing can be done learn to live with it.  The treatments that have been around for the past 20+ years could not maintain the reversal and the neuropathy came back.  Doctors found their patients so discouraged when it came back it was better just to do nothing at all then give them a few months of relief only to have it return.  


This is what sets us apart, not only does our treatment reverse neuropathy, it maintains it.   We use  an exclusive FDA cleared protocol of infrared therapy, electro therapy and nutrition to regenerate the individual nerve ending cells at the skin level.  I realize this may sound like voodoo, but the first research papers published on the effectiveness of infrared in healing were done by NASA in the 1960's.  Since then there have been over 150 papers published in medical journals world wide dealing with neuropathy and infrared with the first one's published in Neurological journals here in the US in the 1990's.  The problem then was as mentioned above they could not maintain the results. The infrared unit we use is exclusive to our clinic here in the greater Phoenix area.  It is only available through a Doctor with a NPI number and has an intensity and effectiveness 2.5 times greater than another on the market today.  The Electro-Therapy we use has been used by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America for Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy since 2005.  The discovery of the nutritional components we use won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998.  The treatment is done at home so the results can be maintained for years to come.  There are still some consultations required and I am available by phone

7 days a week from 7 am to 9 pm to answer questions to maximize the success of the treatment. 


Our success rate is unmatched, it has taken over 10 years develop this exclusive effective treatment protocol and the help of many individuals smarter than me so we can not only reverse the neuropathy, but maintain it for the rest of a sufferers life if they will follow the protocols prescribed.  No one should have to suffer like my mother did. 

We offer the free consultation so you can have a better understanding of what we do, why we do it, how it works and if it will work for you.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and spend whatever time you need.  My promise is you will have a better understanding of neuropathy once you leave do matter what treatment protocol you pursue.   

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